The Roots of The French Garden Yoga – My Story

The Roots of The French Garden Yoga – My Story

Lucy - My Story

Growing up in un-appreciated country bliss, I decided after university that London life was for me – I needed noise, hustle and bustle, new people, travel and fun!  After a rewarding 20 years in health and wellbeing communications in the city I began to grow weary of my daily commute, lunch at my desk and began to hate being so sedentary during long, tiring office hours.

Working long hours week after week is enough to make anyone insane for an extended period of time. I’m sure many people relate to that as well as the constant stress created from a high impact role.

Continuously being challenged to think about the next big idea in advance really impacts your overall life and ability to be present! You are no longer able to enjoy the moment you are in or the company that you may be with.

Yoga was my vice outside of work and I took every opportunity I could get to attend regular classes of all yoga varieties – the best that London had to offer  – pure asana heaven!

But unless you change your life then ultimately I knew I would never be really happy. I was having trouble digesting food, continuously getting sick and mentally not having the space I needed to enjoy the other aspects in my life.  I was tired of being defined by what I did for work and felt there were so many other great qualities that define who I am, and most importantly who I wanted to be. 

Reflecting on all of this coincided with my parents’ retirement in a pretty village in SW France.

For 13 years we had loved visiting and grown to love our ramshackle old watermill. As their imminent change of life dawned on me – a new way of thinking took over – it was really time to change my own life – a new era was beckoning for me too. As a nutritional therapist and a well-oiled yogi I knew I wanted to do something health related – and wanted to help people escape – even though briefly – from their own routines stresses and tribulations.

This is also what inspired me to pursue something that I’ve always wanted learn, and that was the skills to teach yoga. I spent a heavenly month in Greece studying Transformational Hatha Yoga.
From making this transition I found my life purpose, I now start every day with a sense of serenity and excitement.

Yoga Course
The French Yoga Garden

During the refurbishments the magic of our haven began to unfold and the garden has come to life. It’s a natural enclave in which to combine my love of nutrition, good food, yoga and music – offering a peaceful escape to all who may seek some time out and serenity. The Kali Yoga garden began with a vision. I felt the call to create a simple sanctuary where guests can just be themselves, be accepted and above all feel nurtured and whole again.

This peaceful, rural corner of southwest France, with its mild climate, rolling hills, woodlands and superb local food is the ideal place to slow down, look inwards, rejuvenate and replenish the soul.

All escapees are welcome!

French Yoga Garden
Moulin de Chantegrolle

Tel +33 (0)5 49 87 36 26


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